Story #184, 12.11.2014 from anonymous visitor
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Story #176, 16.07.2014 from anonymous visitor
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This page is a joke, I am looking for someone to physically shoot me and this place, being shot is like a "like" on facebook, however I will make my case. I am alone and will always be alone because, sexually, I'm into stuff present society considers unacceptable, the prefernace I have is proven "uncurable". I have no religion, and I dont even feel like I can trust science. I am a professional designer and despise it.
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Story #175, 18.02.2014 from anonymous visitor
Friendzoned as fuuuu by a guy that i love quite ALOT.
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Story #174, 30.07.2013 from anonymous visitor
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Im 18 and go married to love with my husband whos in the military. I didnt tell my parents im married which i think i can hide for a bit but i cant hide the fact that im moving in 4 months. Everytime i bring up moving out they shut me down. And try to use my cat as blackmail since i cant take her bcuz she gets very nervous on vehicles and i dont wanna traumatize her on a plane and i dont think shed get along wih my husbands cat since she has lived as an only pet most of her life. Tgey encourage my brother to move out but refuse to even discuss it with me even though i have a job my liscence and my husbands income and benefits and all they do is complain about me being there anyway. If they wont talk i will just leave and then be stuck with a constant guilt trip from my mother about what an ungrqteful fhild i am for trying to starrt my life. Shmpls. Do it.
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Story #173, 20.07.2013 from anonymous visitor
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I was born in a country where the government decides what I wear to go out. I should be dressed in scarfs and coats even in summer which is 40 centigrade Also preferably in black or all I get is stares from short sighted muslims. There is no such a thing as prom for me and even the universities are separated in two parts boys and girls. Don't get me started on the technology where even if my government hasn't filtered it yet the company says "this is unavailable in your country" this society is the worse everyone gets judged. All I wannt is a normal teenage life. shoot me right?
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Story #172, 12.07.2013 from anonymous visitor
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I ordered pizza for my neighbor, so the pizza man will arive in about half an hour and give the pizza for about 20 bucks. So I pranked my neighbor by ordering pizza for them. SHMPLS
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Story #171, 27.05.2013 from anonymous visitor
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I'm 13, I feel useless and not wanted. I cut myself a lot but I don't tell many people, but when I do, it hurts to say because you never know who really is there for you....Or if there just playing with your feelings. My parents don't want me, they have my brother, He might not be the smartest or the best child, but my parents want him more than me. My friends? I don't even know if they are my friends, they get mad at me for stupid things sometimes, and then just ignore me. I feel alone...and worthless. And I'm tired....Sometimes I wonder how the world would be without me. And it seems like it would be better...Way Better. Shoot Me Please...
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Story #170, 27.05.2013 from anonymous visitor
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I'm 13, I feel useless and not wanted. I cut myself a lot but I don't tell many people, but when I do, it hurts to say because you never know who really is there for you....Or if there just playing with your feelings. My parents don't want me, they have my brother, He might not be the smartest or the best child, but my parents want him more than me. My friends? I don't even know if they are my friends, they get mad at me for stupid things sometimes, and then just ignore me. I feel alone...and worthless. And I'm tired....Sometimes I wonder how the world would be without me. And it seems like it would be better...Way Better.
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Story #169, 15.05.2013 from anonymous visitor
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austin garretts being annoying bwtf i don't care don't shoot me
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Story #168, 13.05.2013 from anonymous visitor
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My brother took my virginity when I was 8. He was 12. He got sent to court for hitting my cousin because my aunt is a stupididiot but I still never told on him. I hate him so much. He is do rude to me and calls me names like bitchy and stupid ass (quoting from him) and talks about how I have no friends and how everyone hates me and how I never do anything and am gonna fail school. He is a hypocrite, he has only like one friend in real life and doesn't ever barely talk to him or hang out with him, he has no girlfriend, my mom thinks he didn't do anything and baby's him like no tommorow and shealso hares my dad with him because my dad didn't support him in court and just yelled at him, which he deserves, he got fired from his one job because he slacked off and was lazy and he lied to everyone telling them he quit but my stepdad works there too, all he does is stay up all day and sleep till two+, also, he was a highschool dropout. I'm 13 and hes 19.Please Comment. SHMPLS.
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Story #167, 28.04.2013 from anonymous visitor
23, socially retarded and possibly aspergers. living with parents, alienating one friend per week due to manic depressive episodes that I can't help. very soon there will be no friends left. also no gf, never had sex and addicted to transsexual porn. shmplz
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Story #166, 23.04.2013 from anonymous visitor
I am 16, my best friend and the only one I ever talk to about my problems killed himself. I have no more home because of a greedy bitch of a step gram. I have to listen to all of my friends problems because no one else really listens. My parents said that they don't care about me and that I am a mistake. I am constantly being harassed at school. I have permanent musculoskeletal back damage, and to top it off my girlfriend broke up with me yesterday. SHMPLS!
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Story #165, 31.03.2013 from anonymous visitor
I didn't get tickets to see Justin Bieber live. Shoot me please:(
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Story #164, 02.03.2013 from anonymous visitor
I'm 16, and dammit, i feel like i'm carrying the weight of the fucking world on my shoulders. I live in one of the worst hoods in the US, and it's just a struggle everyday to try and survive. Never knew my dad, my mom was a drug addict and beat me as a little boy, then i got kicked out of the house at 12 and i've just been staying at friends houses for the past 4 years. the last thing my mom said to me was, "i wish i had a fucking abortion." and i swear those words still hurt. my big brother, who was really all i had, and who i loved with all my heart was shot and killed when i was 8 and i saw it happen. my best friend just was killed a week ago and i feel like it's my fault because he was with me and i was the target, not him. i got hit by one bullet in the shoulder, but i should have been the one who died. and honestly i've done some really fucked up shit in my life, all gang related, but it's stuff i've had to do to try and get by and survive, but i still feel fucking worthless. i honestly have no one left. i should be dead. i'm really shy, bad in social situations and all i've got left is boxing and i feel like i just fucked up my relationship with my coach, and i'm really ready to give up. as a little kid i thought i could get over any obstacle, that i couldn't be defeated, that i was going to be a professional boxer and that one day my mom would see that i was worth something, but i feel like i'm just in too deep now. because honestly, what the fuck is my life worth? i'm a piece of shit. and why the fuck has no one ever cared about me? why does no one care about kids in the hood? all i wanted was a chance to grow up. shoot me please.
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Story #163, 08.01.2013 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Money  Family 
26, no job, no woman, no hope, no fk any thing, live with parents, shoot me with bazooka!!!
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Story #162, 08.01.2013 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Sex 
26 ans never touch a woman!!! ???
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Story #160, 07.11.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations  Family 
I was born and removed from my mother (She was Black and I was White, black women did not know how to raise mixed blood babys in the 50's) discarded twice before I was 1 month old and then adopted. Before I was 7 the lesson that parents lie, as do police and that I was stupid, useless and not worth spending any time on was well ingrained. The incidents that taught me that still haunt me some 50years latter. My heart leaks constantly as the video runs through my mind. I look back and see No happy memories in my early years and as memories are what make us who we are I am a very unhappy adult. A parasitic microbial disease that is caught from the common cat was discovered in my system when I was 7. It has the power to change ones mood and destroy eye sight. My spine has deteriorated as arthritis and osteoporosis set in, the outcome is walking aids and constant pain. The 350>500mgs of Morphine I consumed daily only sedated me, so that I didn't give a dam about the pain. My hip want's to seize every time I move position and the nerve sends electric jolts down my leg of such power and intensity that I almost scream out loud. I do when it wakens me from my sleep, my neighbours are not happy. The constant 24/7 black dog of depression barks at my heals never-endingly. I am so so so tired. Now 55, can't work, can’t walk without mechanical aids, can't go out during the daylight as lights hurt my eyes, reading makes my eyes ake and now the money has run out and medication is beyond reach. I live on my bathroom floor as it is well drained; my mattress is double coated rubber and the hose is within easy reach. Pain is now my lover and permanent partner. Laughs, Oh I so much want a divorce. I could call for help, but it just aint me. My ancestors in the not too distant past when it was their time they wandered off from the people so that they might die. I can’t wander but I can shut myself off from those around me. I pray that a worn out older soul is allowed the dignity to go back to dust. It is time to hit the button. So shoot me someone, hell if I was a dog I would of been put down years ago. Shoot Me Please.
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Story #159, 22.10.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Parents 
I am 15 and My relationship with my father is very troubling. We fight and disagree on almost everything and do not spend quality time together like we used to. My little brother and his friends always make jokes about my weight when im not around. My parents tell me I am fat and they try to encourage me to lose weight but I think there is no way I can. I am overweight by medical standards and am upset by it. Recently, I have had a C in both AP world history and Algebra 2. My father took my computer and stashed it in the back of His car and took it to work so I could not use it. I need some guidance and have nobody else to turn to. I wish someone could help
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Story #158, 20.10.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations 
Im 22 just got out of a 3 1/2 year abusive relationship. Met a nice guy....tells me he wants me to fall for him....couple month go by things are going perfectly. Ask him out his reply "Sorry your great an all but im not ready for a relationship"....SHMPLS!!!
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Story #157, 11.07.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Family 
I am 15 and have no friends besides one that lives far away and one that I don't even know if we are friends. Through they will leave just like everyone else for no reason. My mom tells me that I am selfish and I made her and everyone else miserable. She yells at me a lot especially when I show any emotion. My dad yells at me to for being over emotion. I been depressed for over a year and I cut myself daily for about two months now. I have thought of suicide many times. I even have held a bottle of pills and cried because I wanted to do it but I couldn't. It drives me crazy that I can't be the one to kill me. I also had stood in the middle of the street and hope every night before I go to bed that I won't wake up. I skip meals often like most days for the past 2 weeks I hadn't ate breakfast or lunch. I really don't know what I did for a lot of people to hate me or not talk to me. I think if I was skinny my mom would hate me less.
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